a service for singers, created by singers.

At SingAndTravel.net we are specialists in Concert Tours for choirs and Choral Music Events organizers in Spain.

We help you plan your trip from A to Z: the acommodation, airport transfers, excursions, guides, and of course, the concerts and all the tough work that surrounds them (find the venues, meetings or shared concerts with local choirs, advertising and promotion...)

With us you will be sheltered in every step of the journey, from the initial planification to the day that you are going back home. We will be available for you group 24/7 during your stay, to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and to assist you in any unexpected event that you may have.

Our aim is to make every choir live an unforgettable experience and create incredible memories that will last forever in each singer's heart.

You will say... That sounds too good to be true! Where's the trick?

Well, the trick is that we are travel agents AND choir singers! We have access to the most competitive rates in accommodation and travel services, and at the same time we have all the local contacts that you need in the artistic field to organize you concerts successfully. And you will receive the best service because simply love our job: it is a service for singers, created by singers.

I hope to see you soon in Spain!


Marina Kaudasch
Concert Tours and Music Events Manager @ SingAndTravel.net
Alto and Soloist @ The Gospel Viu Choir